About Me

My name is Zahid Siddique, I am a Toronto (Canada) based God gifted, self taught artist. My art journey has a short but inspiring story. Basically I am a mechanical engineer but transformed into an artist in the artistic environment of western Canada.

I always say that “one morning, I woke up and I was an artist”, I explored myself to be an artist and I started making paintings and was lucky enough to get the initial breakthrough and then to be recognized and accepted in some segments of people spreading my art all over the world in a short time. God probably chose me to proliferate my art for spreading out happiness, joy, colors, peace, meditation and as per my art admirers kind of healing to make this world more beautiful. I put my heart n soul to create something unique and heart touching too. I work in acrylic and make modern and contemporary art.
Art has always been my passion as I have yet an interesting story in this regard.

When I was a teenager , being a musician and a singer back home, I used to make abstracts posters of Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley in water colors and to display my artwork at a store in a big mall in my city of Lahore. Each evening I used to have a fairly good amount as my “Pocket money”, an old times term.

Yes! I believe in quality therefore I always strive hard to get the qualitative materials to glorify my art..
Each painting has a story, concept, a perspective and a theme behind it which matches the title I choose to give.

I have diversity in my art, probably because I am not following any artist and trying to find my own ways leading towards my destiny which is still unknown, which can be seen in my paintings like you can find , abstract art, cityscape, modern abstract and contemporary art, landscape, abstract nature art, sometimes floral, geometric art and seascape as per my mood as well as on demand of my buyers.

To get in touch with me, you can email me at: